Los 3 Califas

In Martinez Rücker, a street of islamic design that connected the Santa Catalina Door of the Mosque with the Pescadería islamic baths, you can find Los 3 Califas restaurant, a restaurant placed in a very historical building. Cordovan musician Cipriano Martínez Rücker was born in this house, and we have restored it so everyone can enjoy the quality and freshness of the products of this land in our cheff's cuisine, and the best service in a typical Cordovan patio, declared a World Heritage site, or in our great hall with fireplace. All the place is air-conditioned and counds with well maintained instalations. Maximum capacity 110 persons.

Besides our Andalucian tradicional cusione, we offers memorable flamenco perfomances in a typical enviroment in the center of the Jewish quarter. All this turns Los 3 Califas into a restaurant where you can enjoy by yourself, as a couple or as a group, with events for people from all over the world, thanks to your experience satisfying everyone's tastes. Don't hesiate to vist us or ask for a budget to our salespersons without any obligation. You'll celebrate your satisfaction.